BA (Hons) Architecture [First Class]
Having recently graduated from Manchester School of Architecture's Architecture of the Processional City atelier, I'm currently part of the team at Mecanoo architecten b.v. in Delft, the Netherlands.

My work stems from a hermeneutic approach to design: translating ideas into an architecture that is both relevant to place and socially interconnected. This dialectic of function and meaning enables buildings to act as the creative hinge between the private ritualised settings of everyday life and the public spaces of civic events. Far from being outdated, institutional patterns of hierarchical movement, processions allow for a temporary, socially inclusive reordering of the city. It is at these moments that the latent heartbeat of the city is exposed and celebrated: moments when architecture and urbanism, along with people and movement, are unified by a communicative spatial dialogue.

My research interests centre around European metropolitan urbanism and its relationship to public and institutional buildings with a specific focus on Florence, Italy. I am an Editor at ArchDaily where I try to stay one step ahead of world architecture news. I've also written on Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum, interviewed at the Venice Biennale, and review exhibitions from time to time.

My second love is art history. Publishing Michelangelo: the Man, his Works, his Legacy in 2010 alongside a national lecture tour on Michelangelo in the Vatican, Monet: Colour in Impressionism for iPad was published in 2011. After 28,000 international downloads in six months, a special edition was released in over 50 countries. Haaplin Publishing House was subsequently incorporated in 2013.

I co-founded Mies. UK, a collection of uninhibited interviews with architects, academics and students. We're now filming in five languages across two continents and work together as Mies. TV.

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